Instructional Faculty Salaries (SA)

What is Instructional Faculty Salaries (SA) ?

Instructional Faculty Salaries (SA) meaning This data, now part of the IPEDS Human Resources (HR) component, was previously a separate collection. It collects data as of November 1 of the reporting year on the number of full-time instructional faculty by rank, gender, and length of contract; total salary outlays; and fringe benefits and number of full-time instructional faculty covered by these benefits. The data have been collected annually since 1990; however data are not available for 2000. Prior to the 2001 collection, data were requested by tenure status. As of 2004, this component is applicable to all Title IV degree-granting institutions, unless they meet one of the following exclusions: all instructional faculty are part-time; all contribute their services; all are in the military; or all teach preclinical or clinical medicine. Formerly referred to as Salaries and Fringe Benefits of Full-Time Instructional Faculty (SA).(Term used in IPEDS HR survey component prior to 2012-13)


reference: IPEDS Data Collectrion System – Glossary