What is Xeroradiography?

Xeroradiography meaning The xerographic process is another way of doing mammographic examinations. Its merit is in its greater precision in outlining boundaries of masses and detecting fine calcification often seen in occult neoplasms. In xeroradiography, the x-rays are developed using the same image-producing process as the Xeros office copier machines. The xeroradiography machine can produce a positive or negative picture on specially coated white paper that can be read in any light. Xeroradiography is also used for x-rays of the skull, limbs (feet, arms, legs), and breast as well as for cervical spinal examination. Also, it can be used for locating foreign objects (wood, glass or metal splinters) in the eye or other parts of the body.


reference: national Cancer Institute – Glossary for Registrars

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